The Galleries

Renting the galleries

We offer the galleries for tours and rental for corporate and VIP events, weddings, celebrations, parties and concerts.  Furthermore we can provide cheese and wine tastings and pairings accompanied by an expert.

Basic facilities and services: 

  • capacity of up to 120 people
  • catering services, hostesses 
  • opportunity to organize cheese and wine tastings and pairings accompanied by an expert
  • provide cultural, musical and/or other programs


Cheese and wine tastings and pairings

Would you like to know what it's like to attend a cheese and wine pairing at an expert level?

Visit the Madeta Galleries and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in the form of tastings of both wine and the best cheeses Madeta has to offer, such as Tilsit cheese, Blaťácké zlato, Madeland, Jihočeská niva, Zlatá niva, Primator, and more.

During the tasting you will learn not only everything about wine and cheese, their origin and evolution, but also about which cheeses go best with a particular wine, which flavours best blend together and which best highlights its taste.  A properly selected wine wonderfully complements the taste sensation and can impart a completely different dimension to the tasting.

Opportunity to rent bins for wine storage

Take advantage of the opportunity to store your wine under the ideal conditions of an old wine cellar with a constant temperature, where your wine can mature for many years.

Virtually every wine ages to maturity – when it attains its optimal combination of aroma and taste. 

The estimated ideal bottle ripeness of Moravian and Bohemian wines:

  • for quality and reserve wines: 1 - 3 years after harvest
  • for extractive late and select harvest wines 3 - 6 (or more) years after harvest
  • for select berry, ice and straw wines: after 3 years, but sometimes also much later. 

In general, white wine matures in the bottle faster than red.

Why it's good to store your wine here and how our service works:

  • wine is stored here in an environment with a constant temperature of 10 and 12 °C, which is also the ideal temperature for serving white and rosé wines
  • bin sizes are 3 x 3 m, kept in the dark and have ideal humidity for wine storage: between 70 and 80 %
  • access to one's bin is secured by the rental contract